Located in Olney, Illinois - Serving Richland County and Southeastern Illinois. 
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Our Mission is to Support all Richland County Communities in the Advancement of Economic Development.

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Richland County Development Corporation is committed to building relationships in both domestic and global marketplaces.

Companies have found Olney, IL as a favorable location both for manufacturing and for warehouse distribution, with a low cost of doing business and a skilled workforce which specializes in logistics and warehousing.

The foundation of any successful business is always well-trained employees.  Richland County and Olney's productive people have a proven work ethic. Skilled and entry-level workers are readily available in the area.

Distribution-based companies located in our office/warehouse facilities provide smooth merchandise distribution to U.S. based wholesale and retail markets.

Our building sites located in the median center of the U.S. are easy to access by highway for transport trucks and railway for transport containers from the U.S. west coast port of origins.



Richland County is home to companies from:
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U.S. Route 50 ~ "The Backbone of America from Coast to Coast."

RCDC is a partner to the U.S. Route 50 Four-Lane Coalition. We support the coalition in their mission to expand Route U.S. 50, "The Backbone of America" from a two-lane highway to a four-lane expressway from Vincennes, IN (I-69) to St. Louis, MO for economic growth and traffic safety improvement across Southern Illinois. For more information please visit the coalition's website: www.us50coalition.com



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